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Chaumet - VR Experience

Chaumet - Here and beyond VR Experience

We helped Les Gens to create an immersive virtual reality experience for their client Chaumet. 
The result is a 360° animation through the brand history, in 3D inside a VR headset

Regular 2D version of the 360° 3D experience (with simulated head movement)

Client : Chaumet
Agency : Les Gens
Studio : Mattrunks
Music : Obny

Les Gens
Creative Direction : Thomas Sgambetterra
Production : Alexis Fredet

Photo shoot : Gunther Gheeraert
Additional character animations : GFactory

Mattrunks Studio
Direction & Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
Storyboard : Mattias Peresini, Jerome Levilly
Modeling : Thomas Charier, Jerome Levilly
Camera Mapping : Thomas Charier, Jerome Levilly
Shading & Lighting : Thomas Charier, Jerome Levilly, Mattias Peresini
3D Animations : Mattias Peresini
Compositing : Mattias Peresini

VR Images from the experience

Watercolor reveal experiments

Salon Chaumet 3D reconstruction

We created a full 3D version of the Salon based on the photo shoot we made.

360 Render of the Salon Chaumet

360 Render of the Salon Chaumet

Place Vendôme 3D Reconstruction

We created a full 3D version of the place Vendôme from our photo shoot.


We created 3D versions of the jewellery pieces, based on provided photographs, using a mix of camera mapping and procedural shading. 


We created an imaginary museum, where we had to focus on the levitation and openness feeling. 

Early Museum Experiments


Some samples of the storyboard images we created for the project.