Louis Vuitton - Noël 2015

We've created more than 30 loopable animations for the 2015 Christmas website of Louis Vuitton. Each scenes were recreated in 3D from still photographs.

Client : Louis Vuitton
Agency : BETC
Studio : Mattrunks

Direction Artistique : Cecilia Feller
Account Executive : Margot Philibert
Production : Sandy Semelin

Mattrunks Studio
2D Texture preparation : Mattias Peresini, Thomas Charier
3D Modelling / Mapping : Thomas Charier, Donald Simonet
Animations : Mattias Peresini
Shading / Lighting / Compositing : Mattias Peresini

3D Scenes Reconstruction

We used a lot of 3D camera mapping projections, combined with 3D relighting techniques. All the lighting was re-done in 3D in order to animate it. 

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