Excalibur One-Off Teasers

We worked with Roger Dubuis to create a 4x teasers for the reveal of their new Excalibur One-Off. We created different 3D animations to highlight the partnership with Lamborghini and Pirelli, and the watch unique features.
January 2019

Teaser 01

We created 3D lighting effects to reveal the different watch mechanisms, and animated the unique hand like a speedometer.

Teaser 02

We recreated a 3D version of the unique Lamborghini One-Off, and played with light animations to reveal the supercar. We treated the watch's tourbillons as motor's pieces, and created 3D fire and smoke simulations.

Teaser 03

To showcase the watch inspiration from the automotive world, we animated the mechanism like gears on a car.

Teaser 04

We reused the graphic language of Pirelli with 3D simulated paint, to reinforce the idea of partnership between the two brands.


Client : Roger Dubuis
Studio : Mattrunks
Sound : Obny

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