We worked with Make Me Pulse and We Are Social to design and create Christmas themed characters for Orange. The characters were used interactively by customers in the Orange's stores, controlling them with their own bodies.
December 2018

Background Animations

In the Orange Stores


Client : Orange
Agency : We Are Social
Production : Make Me Pulse
Studio : Mattrunks

Make Me Pulse

Production : Julien Rault
Project Management : Mathias Roumy
Unity Development : Sylvain Bernardi

Mattrunks Studio

Creative Direction : Mattias Peresini
Art Direction : Jerome Levilly, Thomas Charier
Concept Art : Jerome Levilly, Thomas Charier
Modeling : Jerome Levilly, Thomas Charier
Shading : Thomas Charier, Mattias Peresini
Lighting : Mattias Peresini
Background Animations : Mattias Peresini


Character rigging : Ben Morgan
Character Animation : Alexandre Monge, Raphaël Quinto-Rousseau

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